Saturday, 28 September 2013

What is the difference between a prostitute and a call girl in Kuala Lumpur

The term prostitute is a general term that defines one as someone who performs sexual services for remuneration. The payment is often in the form of currency, though there is a small minority of prostitutes who accept drugs as payment. 

A call girl is someone who operates over the phone. Their appointments are made over the phone, as opposed to a hooker or streetwalker: a hooker solicits for customers on the street. 

In general, hookers are a higher risk of contracting diseases due to the fact that they are less selective about their clientele and may not necessarily practice safe sex. 

Escorts are another form of prostitute again, escorts come from Kuala Lumpur escort agencies, so it is sort of like a shop, people go in there and "rent" and escort, the difference however between an escort and a prostitute is , prostitutes are like one nighter things escorts however can go on business trips with the person and act like there normal girlfriend or boyfriend but all along they're getting paid by the hour.